TV Training - Tentative dates

All those who wish to be teen volunteers for summer 2020 need to be at this retreat! Loads of fun, learning, team building, brain storming, and MUCH MUCH MORE!

This weekend is for teens (age 14 or older) who are interested in being teen volunteers. An application should have been completed prior to attending.

To find an application, see the web-site under "About Us", "Staff". There is information and an application that can be printed under this tab OR Click on "BROCHURE" below.

Teen Volunteers help us in many ways.

The Objectives of being a TV are:

1. To glorify God by helping kids come to know Him or to know Him better.
2. To assist counselors and the rest of the staff in all the activities required to provide kids with a positive and uplifting camp experience.
3. To provide a “second set of eyes” on all of what is going on to ensure a safe and enjoyable camp experience for all of the campers; this will also allow counselors brief moments away.
4. To observe and learn the “behind the scenes” activities required to provide a safe, effective and fun camp experience. This experience will assist you in future ministry opportunities at camp, church, community or elsewhere.

Position Information: This is a volunteer (unpaid) position, and usually is one or two weeks of the summer, arriving Monday morning, and heading home on Friday afternoon.

If you are a new Teen Volunteer, please complete this form on-line:

If you are a returning Teen Volunteer, please complete this form on-line: