Construction Projects

Praise God from whom all blessings flow….

Completed: New camping cabins, campground outhouse, Cedar, Creation Station

In Progress: New Birch, Dining Hall remodel

New Birch: (April 2019) Electrical and plumbing are done. Much of the sheet rock is up. Contact Doug if you want to keep moving this project forward.

Dining Hall Remodel: (June, 2019). Dining hall is ready for use! Exterior and road still need work, upstairs has electrical roughed in. Praise God! First group was served on June 5, 2019.


Birch- Work Teams needed

If you want to bring a group of adults to work on this project, please contact Doug at camp.

Birch will be a new dorm that replaces 20 bunks and has inside restrooms. There will be two cabins which can split into 4 cabins for family camps and small groups.

Donate to the Construction fund

Creation Station

This building is complete and being used regularly for camp events. Check it out the next time you are on-site. See God's creative hand at work; we love to share our Creator and the unique, varied creation will abound as we have animal mounts and other hands-on information for youth and adults alike to explore.

Campground Cabins

These 2 new cabins sleep 10 and are located near Pine Point Chapel. Much of the materials to build these cabins was donated. These cabins will be used during summer camps, family camps, and several retreats.

Dining Hall Updates

The improvements to the dining hall are under way. They include a new roof, 2nd story over the back room and kitchen for offices and storage, and an added "Lakeview Cafe" facing the lake. This project will be complete for our 2019 summer camp season.