Summer Staff

Counselors, Kitchen Staff, Maintenance, etc. These are paid positions.

Typically 18 years or older. Must be a committed follower of Jesus Christ. Hires from May 30 -July 30 (9 weeks, includes training) with typically Saturday morning to Sunday at 6pm off for rest and restoration (and laundry!) most weeks.

Our training time is "boot-camp" and goes from May 30 - June 10 with no full days off.

We generally hire 4-5 females and 4-5 males as counselors and activity leaders. We also hire one person to assist in the kitchen and camp store.

Teen Volunteers

Teen Volunteers assist the counselors in the cabin and in activities. TVs also perform housekeeping duties, wash dishes and do other "behind the scenes" things to help camp go smoothly.

Think of this as a "missions" trip to MBC that involves putting one's faith into action through service, Bible study and community living. Training provided (required 24 hour retreat in March). Minimum age 14 years (as of September 1, 2023).

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Permanent Camp Staff

Doug Payne


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Dan Niebeling

Program Director

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Pat Niebeling

Food Service and Office Assistant

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John Brooks

Maintenance Director

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